CamoSHELL Camouflage shrink film pack (10pk)
CamoSHELL Camouflage shrink film pack (10pk)

CamoSHELL Camouflage shrink film pack (10pk)

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Product ID:CS1610pack

CamoSHELL by HOBBYTECH is our latest development in concealment. This is the perfect product for a fast 'camo job' on your next cache placement.

CamoSHELL is a heat shrinkable PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) sleeve, similar to which a lot of drink and food containers are made from.

The CamoSHELL sleeve is applied with the use of heat. Once heated to the appropriate temperature (85-100 Degrees C) will shrink by up to 75% of its diameter while having next to no shrinkage in its length, making CamoSHELL the perfect product when you are wanting a quick, easy, tough and effective camo covering for your small items.

Once applied, CamoSHELL becomes a very robust covering that will contour to the product it has been applied to, providing protection from the elements and concealment from the unaware. It is waterproof and abrasion resistant.

The end result is a high concealment protective skin that is water resistant and extremely durable.

The possibilities are endless.

Qty: 10pk
Length: 160mm
Width (flat/unshrunk): 100mm
Diameter (open/Unshrunk): 63mm approx
Diameter (open/Shrunk): 16mm approx

WARNING - To avoid injury, use extreme care when using heat sources to shrink the film.

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