Do it Yourself Gum
Do it Yourself Gum

Do it Yourself Gum

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Here's a great little pack that gives you everything to make your very own custom made chewing gum cache. The cache is made using a very cool non toxic thermoplastic which is simple to use and mold to your requirements.

Pack contents:
- Small pack of Thermoplastic beads
- CacheMe Nano Cache
- Waterproof Nano Logbook
- 2 x N50 Super Stong 6mm Magnets

To use:
- Place Thermoplastic beads into a heatproof container and add hot water (over 65 degrees C). 
- Once beads become transparent they are ready to use. 
- Using a spoon or similar, remove the beads from the hot water and knead into a single piece of material.
- break off a small piece and flatten out roughly to required size.
- Place nano cache on flat surface and place first piece of thermoplastic over the top of the cache, molding around it. with a thin flat piece around it
- Place magnets either side of the cache 'on top' of the first layer of thermoplastic
- While the first layer is still moldable, use the remainder thermoplastic and place over the top of magnets, first piece of thermoplastic and cache. Mold to the desired shape.
- Leave the product until the plastic has turned white again indicating that it is complete.

- The thermoplastic sets to a very hard, plastic finish that will last indefinitely.
- Not happy with your first attempt? No problems, place the thermoplastic back into hot water, wait till it becomes clear and start again.

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