Greek Gods Geocoin Series: Cybele
Greek Gods Geocoin Series: Cybele

Greek Gods Geocoin Series: Cybele

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Cybele: #5 of 12 in the series
The Goddess Cybele is probably the most mysterious goddess in the Greek pantheon. She arrives into the pantheon from foreign lands of unknown origin on a lion-drawn chariot. Her entourage bears grapes and wine in great urns to the sound of a wild beating and primal music. She is the goddess of earth, stone, caves and mysterious hidden places. She inspires wild new imaginings in the arts, architecture and particularly workings of stone and earth such as great walls and catacombs. To a smaller degree she is also goddess of animals that are secretive in nature and all lions. She is the wild goddess of the dark, the hidden passages, the caverns and caves both natural and man-made, wines, libations, wild music and fantastic imaginations. She inspires us to think outside the box and explore hidden places and nature's reclusive treasures.

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