Greek Gods Geocoin Series: Nike
Greek Gods Geocoin Series: Nike

Greek Gods Geocoin Series: Nike

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Unlike many in the Pantheon who abandoned their wings, Nike, the goddess of victory and heraldry reveled in her appearance as she sped about the battlefield. She moved about on both wing and chariot (also referred to as the Charioteer) trumpeting aloud the victory of both individuals and groups. She would bestow crowns of laurel on the victors and bestow blessings on the underdogs lending strength to failing limbs to triumph over overwhelming odds. Philosophers argued that she would even lift her sword or run down enemies beneath the crushing wheels of her chariot to defend the righteous in battle as well. 

On the face of the coin she waits and surveys the battle about to begin with the rising light of the sun in the background. She kneels attentively with trumpet and crown at hand ready to swoop down from her mountain perch to herald the first victories. 

On the reverse Nike's chariot wheels are bottom center with the eight spoke wheels of nobility carved with intricate patterns unique to Greek craft. She is often depicted and symbolized as a set of wings, arms crossed in battle or a divine light (torch) shining in the darkness. She has been illustrated playing the dual flute in pottery and mosaic so the twin reed flute and laurel crown have been inset over the axle hub central. The wooden panels of the chariot have been incised with classic panel design that are period appropriate.

Coins measure approximately 1.75 inches in diameter. They are trackable at

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