Nano Butterfly Geocache Container
Nano Butterfly Geocache Container

Nano Butterfly Geocache Container

Price (NZD): $9.99
Product ID:1454
Some of you hide your geocaches in amazing locations. Some of you come up with amazing geocache containers. Some of you just want to mess with people. If you are in the mess with people category, this might be a good cache container for you! 

The Nano Butterfly is sure to be an inspiring find. It is attached to a watertight magnetic container and comes with a log sheet, so it is ready to hide!

The Nano Butterfly measures approximately 1.75 inches long and across and 1 inch tall. 

The container is magnetic and a log sheet is included. 

A note from the manufacturer: 
Please note in your cache description that the bug is not to be used to unscrew the lid of the container and the “finder” needs to grip the container lid itself to unscrew it to get to the log. Rough handling could cause the bug to come unattached from the container.  If your bug does become detached, we recommend replacing with a dot or two of superglue or waterproof epoxy.

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