Satellite Tracker Decal
Satellite Tracker Decal

Satellite Tracker Decal

Price (NZD): $11.00
Product ID:388

Ready for a new Trackable for your vehicle? 

This Satellite Tracker vehicle decal will make your vehicle trackable, and has its own icon, too! Our Vinyl Decals look great, and are easy to apply. These are made of professional grade vinyl, so they'll stay put. 

The reflective decals are very bright when a light shines on them in the dark.

The Satellite Tracker is 4.5 inches end to end, with a wingspan of 5.5 inches. These decals are adhesive backed to stick on the outside of a vehicle, and compliment our Geocacher Family Decals perfectly. 

The Satellite Tracker image and name are trademarks of Cache Advance Inc. All rights Reserved.

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