The Little Beige Box
The Little Beige Box

The Little Beige Box

Price (NZD): $6.99
Product ID:0638936912670-2
The Little Beige Box is small enough to be super stealth and yet has enough room for log books, pencils,swag and trackables. They are approx 250ml capacity, super strong. They even float.
Finished in beige they will be super stealth.

Features include:
  • Super Tough
  • 4 Locking Clips
  • 2 x casing mounting points for hanging or securing
  • Colour: Beige
  • Foam insert
  • Approx 300ml capacity
Log included: Yes, CMIYC Folded Waterproof log
Pencil included: Yes
Cache Sticker included: Yes

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